Crazy Sage
А я напьюсь безалкогольной водки в компании своих воображаемых друзей.
03.12.2015 в 13:27
Пишет screaming fish:

карочи, делюсь травой.
некая христианская активистка решила накатать свою версию гарри поттера с женским предназначением и цитатами из библии, потому что каноничный гарри поттер пиздуховный и может ПРЕВРАТИТЬ ВАШИХ ДЕТЕЙ В КОЛДУНОВ
нет, блядь, я серьезно, она так и говорит.
уже вышло 14 глав, все прекрасны как небо и даже аллах.

“Please, ignore this fool,” Draco drawled smugly. “Luna here thinks she can have a career even though she’s a woman; and women are stupid.”
Harry gaped at this horrible person. What a mean thing to say!
“Women shouldn’t not have careers because women are stupid!” Harry shouted indignantly. “Women are not stupid at all! Women should not have careers because women are nurturing and loving and their gifts serve them best in the home!”

“No, no, Harry,” Aunt Petunia screeched desperately. “I have an idea. You can have a second birthday today. You like birthdays, right?”
“Birthdays are not of God,” Harry verbalized knowingly; and looked at his aunt with an innocent wisdom. “You tried to corrupt me; but it did not work. But I forgive you, Aunt Petunia; because of Luke 23:34.”

“Hermione, why don’t you show our newest student to the dormitory?” Dumbledore suggested wisely.
“I’d love to, daddy,” Hermione replied obediently with an innocent, girlish smile; and got to her feet; and smoothed out the skirt of her becoming, pink frock. “Should I clean the kitchen first?”
“I can take care of that tonight,” the reverend’s wife answered indulgently; and she was already beginning to clear the elegant, porcelain dishes."

"Aunt Petunia smacked her hands over Harry’s young ears; and her voice was sickly sweet when she said, “Thank you very much for your concern, sir, but he does not need your religion, he has science and socialism and birthdays. Haven’t you heard of Evolution? I have a very good textbook on Evolution that I could give you on it if you would like to learn things.”
Hagrid laughed wisely. “Evolution is a fairytale. You don’t really believe that, do you?”
“Yes, I do!” Aunt Petunia screeched.
“Well then prove it!”
Aunt Petunia could only stare at him; and her big mouth hung open dumbly. Here she thought she was so educated; and always demanded that Christians prove what they believed in; but she couldn’t even prove her own religion. It was then that Harry knew who the smart one here was!"

"Harry smiled but then interrogated, “But how do I be a Christian? I don’t know how!”
Hagrid grinned widely. “There is only one place to learn that-Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles!”

"It was a good thing Hagrid had got here in time. Five years down the road, Harry might have been a fornicating, drug-addicted Evolutionist!"

"Harry blushed shyly; and got to his feet. His aunt had never taught him how to talk to pretty girls. She always said that pretty girls were shallow and not very smart and that a real woman put her career first and didn’t care about her looks; but it only took one look at this godly young girl to realize just how wrong that was! A woman taking pride in her appearance is honoring the Lord; because after all, it is the Lord who gave her a pretty face and nice hair. Taking care of that is important! Harry got the feeling that Hermione was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside."

“Gryffindor Hats believe in the Bible, too. But Slytherins have even more. We have a book full of guidelines on how to be a good person, and a whole panel of Slytherin Hats to tell us what to do."

"Harry gasped in horror as he bit into more bacon. “Of course I only pray to God! Who else would I pray to?”
“What about Mary?” Ronald posited angrily around a mouthful of oatmeal. “You have to at least worship to her!”
“You mean the mommy of Our Lord?” Harry demanded in scandal; and he chewed his bacon. “I don’t worship her?”
“Well, then, God hates you!” Ron stated simply; and pieces of bacon flew out of his mouth as he did so."


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@темы: Я считаю ниже своего достоинства разговаривать с наркотиками, ©перто, ТрэшЪ и УгарЪ

2015-12-04 в 07:35 

I want to believe...
ООо! Какое дивное творение на фоне сказочной красы!
Жаль, что у меня все плохо с английским, а при онлайн переводе многое теряется, но даже те жалкие обрывки, что мне удалось прочитать - весьма доставляют.

2015-12-04 в 07:38 

Мисс Вайоминг
А если долго смотреть на картинку - станешь тем, что изображено на картинке почему я до сих пор не анимешный мальчик?

2015-12-04 в 07:46 

"в густом лесу мифологем признаться бы, но в чем?" ©
Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles!

2015-12-04 в 08:41 

Know your stuff
какой пестец!)

2015-12-04 в 08:51 

This game has no name(с)
Да ладно, фанфик не хуже прочих. Есть фанфики, где все внезапно беспричинно геи, здесь так же - но христиане. Никакой разницы же.

2015-12-04 в 08:57 

северный ветер
Плюсую Артин

2015-12-04 в 09:36 

Jerry OKonnell
Вечный странник
"Эволючия это сказка", аа, зачем они это делают!!? :mosk:

2015-12-08 в 20:34 

Бессонница - это насилие ночи над человеком. (с) В. Гюго
смешной фанфик))

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